Garage Liability Insurance

The garage policy was developed to provide liability coverage to protect a garage operation against its exposure to general liability and owned automobile liability losses in one coverage form. This policy is also intended to prevent coverage gaps and overlaps. The Garage Form contains premises liability coverage, products liability coverage, automobile liability coverage, and physical damage protection to vehicles. Endorsements are available to broaden and further protect the insured and to make the Garage Coverage Form more comprehensive in nature.


The Declarations page of your policy lists its available coverages. Next to each coverage is a box with numbers in it. The numbers are auto symbols and they indicate which autos are protected by the applicable particular coverage. The symbols translate as follows:

21 – All autos are covered. No need for any additional symbols
22 – Autos owned by you are covered.
23 – Private Passenger autos owned by you are covered.
24 – Autos owned by you but not classified as private passenger are covered
25 – Autos owned by you and required to carry no-fault coverage are covered
26 – Autos owned by you and required to carry uninsured motorist’s coverage are covered
27 – Any auto that is scheduled on the policy is covered
28 – Any auto that is hired, borrowed or leased but only to your benefit
29 – Any auto not owned by you but used by an employee, volunteer or partner for your business is covered but only for your benefit.
30 – Any customers’ vehicle but only for your benefit
31 – Any auto held for sale but only for coverage described later in the policy dec

Garagekeeper’s Coverage

This coverage provides physical damage (Comprehensive, Specified Causes of Loss and Collision) for customer vehicles left for servicing, repair or storing while in the insured’s care, custody, and control.  Two different types of Garagekeepers coverage exist: Legal & Direct

Legal Liability Coverage –claims will only be paid for the losses for which you are legally obligated to pay.

Direct Liability Coverage- claims would be paid for all losses, even if your business is not legally obligated to pay.

For a more in depth explanation of coverage exclusions, limitations and exceptions or just for a coverage comparison, please contact one of our highly experienced insurance agents.